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If you really care, people will notice.

I came across a blog post from Chris Brogan titled Customers Don’t Want Content – They Want a Better Path. That got me thinking and inspired me to share some thoughts on what I believe modern consumers are looking for in digital relationships with brands.

Whatever you are, be a good one. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Four key questions to ask yourself. First, what do you want to be as a business? How do people feel once they interact with you, regardless of where they choose to interact? These are questions that should be asked throughout an entire organization. Once you answer these questions, follow each up with how do we get there?

Next, what makes you special? If it is your great products, and that is important, is that truly enough to convince people to do business with you? I love my Acura and have a few choices in local dealerships, as well as some choices in online dealers, but I love Rallye Acura of Roslyn, NY and they treat us like our business is important to them. That makes all the difference in the world! Find ways to be exceptional at every point in your customers’ journey and you will be creating ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Approaching this through your customers’ mind and where they are in their journey is critical! What does your customer or reader of your material need/want from you?

Content is useful only when it’s useful. ~ Chris Brogan

Finally, who owns the customer experience? If the answer to this is anything different then EVERYONE, we should talk! Anyone associated with your brand owns a piece of the customer experience and in effect the customer journey. With the consumer being so mobile in this day and age, brands need to be as well. Unfortunately so many are applying old world tactics and strategies to a new and modern world. Tactics – I cringed a little bit when I typed that out!!

A great approach as a business owner or leader in my mind would be to ask yourself one simple question. Would I want to do business with myself? The honest answer to that question could be the beginning of better relationships with your customers! Like the title of this post says – if you really care, people will notice!



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