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Long Island Digital Summit Recap

The 3rd Long Island Digital Summit took place on Tuesday April 15th presented by the folks at EGC Group. Here are just a handful of the many great points shared throughout the day along with my added thoughts.

Brands need to change and adapt to consumers wants and needs. (@shingy)

The connected society provides the ability for brands to be active in the very fluid discussions happening online. How brands approach this is critical. Users live in their newsfeeds and the discussions that are happening there have a certain tone. Become too pitchy or promotional you can count on people using the many filters at their disposal to mute you or just disconnect all together. Nurture and value online relationships and you are likely to do well in digital channels.

First screen is now mobile. No one walked in here with a TV today. (@shingy)

The line of the day if you ask me! What a visual this created, but think of how true this is. We spend so much time on our smart phones, it is said the average person unlocks their phone 150 times a day, how could we still consider a TV as the “first screen”?  As brands and organizations we need to figure out ways to be useful and blend in with the activities users perform on their mobile phones.

Mobile allows brands to be connected and present with users throughout every moment.  (@shingy)

We carry around so much computing power in our pockets these days that empowers us in so many ways. It is also very powerful for brands to be in the moment with users. A brands opportunity to becoming useful is not always within the framework of their business or product.  We often need to be in a SOLOMO state of mind in order to be useful. SO = social, LO = local, MO = mobile.

Two ways to handle the Facebook newsfeed changes, spend or giver users stuff worth acting on. (@LanceUlanoff)

So many brands and organizations have become frustrated with  changes to the Facebook logarithm lately and choose to focus on stats such as the average Facebook Page post is likely to only reach about 5% of  its actual following. That stat likely says more about the content and lack of context more than it does about any rules Facebook has in place. I have seen plenty of Facebook posts reach upwards of 800% of the total page following due to the fact that it was either useful, educational or entertaining to the community at large. Do more of that 800% stuff and less of the 5%!!

There is no such thing as big data, it’s all just data! (@tamaradull)

Big Data – whoa, that sounds kind of scary! At the end of the day it is all just data. I subscribe to the theory that if we can measure something, that doesn’t mean it has to be useful. I like to call what is commonly known as big data – insight. Much of what can be measured is useful if I am looking at things like what is resonating with my connections and what time would be most effective to connect with them online. How online brand managers use the data available to them can be a huge asset if done properly. As Tamara says, it is all just data – we need to use it wisely!

Having attended the previous two, I feel this was by far the best Long Island Digital Summit yet. The EGC Group has improved the event each year and wrapping it up over lunch with a CEO Roundtable Discussion moderated by CEO Jim McCann was an awesome touch. Absolutely a worthwhile event and much needed in the Long Island business community! Looking forward to next years event already and wondering what changes within the connected world will be discussed!

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photo credit: @LanceUlanoff



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