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Social Media: What is holding some folks back?

It’s amazing when I see Facebook and Twitter gaining in popularity, seemingly by the day that I continue to run into people that are reluctant to engage in social channels. When I ask what is holding them back, I get the typical response like “that’s for teenagers”, “I hear too many horror stories”, or as my mom would say “that’s like Webkinz for adults”! Ultimately it is up to the individual to find reasons to join a social channel or not, let me take a shot at some useful reasons people should consider.

Let’s Stay Connected

I notice in my inner circle that some folks I would least expect to show up on Facebook are all of a sudden looking to connect. Many of them have apparently joined to stay in touch with grandchildren that have gone away to college or are in search of former classmates or business associates. I actually believe that my Mom will eventually join Facebook when grandson number one goes off to college. Once these new users learn the landscape, they find other value within these channels like joining groups or fan pages to get opinions and feedback from like minded peers. Social Media also provides us with the chance to engage and connect without the need for mutually agreed upon times and/or venues. In many cases, information and people that we may be looking for actually end up finding us.