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Steps to Improve Your Facebook Shares

One of the biggest benefits I realize with social networks like Facebook is the ability provided to share interesting and useful things I come across. I also enjoy when my connections do the same and find much of what is shared within my networks of great use or interest.

What I would like to help folks with in this post is taking shares to the next level by providing context and paying special attention to what is actually being shared. I would like to use a recent experience with many of my colleagues at Alure Home Improvements as an example.

Empowering Your Network

We recently created an online job posting via LinkedIn and wanted to get the word out via our Facebook Page. Once the Facebook post was created we encouraged our employees to share to their connections as well. The Facebook post linked to the job posting on LinkedIn and we included a link to a video that we share to give people some insight to our culture at Alure. When the post from our Facebook page was shared by employees, all of the real meat that included the context and intention of the post were lost, but didn’t have to be.

Here is what the original post looked like via Facebook for iOS:

Facebook job post share1

Here is what the share would look like if I wasn’t looking to add any of my thoughts within. As you can see the context of what was intended to be shared was lost and my connections would have seen the video without the job posting.

Facebook job post share2

How to Keep the Context

There are a couple of ways to handle this and keep the original intent of the post intact. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always proof read what you are sharing in an effort to preview what it will look like to your connections or anyone that may see the post. You wouldn’t want the purpose of the message to be lost.

My approach in this situation would be to copy the text that accompanies the original post and insert it into the field where you would add comments. This is a decent way to keep the subject matter in place, but I always encourage people to add their own DNA, their own voice when sharing items and I would add some of my comments about the opportunity to the post.

It is important to pay attention to what you are sharing and the form the post takes when you click on the share button. I hope this helps you in your efforts to be a more effective sharer of the wealth of information available to us! Happy Sharing!

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